• Wendy,

    This is such a lovely and powerful post! It is sure to resonate with anyone in the midst of change, as it does with me. Thank you for sharing! Wishing you more joy than tears, and at the same time so glad that you are not rushing through your ending! Thank you for sharing!


    May 15, 2013
    • Dear Chery,

      Thank you so much. Coming from you who knows … your comments are extra-special.

      May 15, 2013
  • Sharon Richmond

    Thanks, Wendy, and I wish you a peace filled and soul replenishing repotting! See you when you resettle.

    May 16, 2013
    • Thanks so much, Sharon. Love, “repotting!”

      May 16, 2013
  • Wendy, thank you for reminding me of life’s little treasure… reflection. I have had 2 weeks of “looking up” since I had surgery on my shoulder. Sometimes God has an interesting way of slowing us down so we can look up. My life seemed stuck in a rut, thanks to ‘new beginnings’. I would say your Tip No. 8 has been my BIGGEST challenge so far. Being a new author, starting a blog, learning on leadership has been great. But there is also anxiety and trepidation of the launch of the book. You can imagine the scenarios running through my mind…

    June 24, 2013
    • Hi Kimunya,
      Sorry to hear about your surgery. Yes, we often get unanticipated (and sometimes, undesirable) opportunities for growth. Tip number 8 is particularly difficult if you have a loud internal critic and if looking competent is highly important.

      Yes, I can imagine the scenarios running through your mind about launching your book. For me (see if this relates to your experience), the fear was around bringing my voice out into the world in a very tangible and visible way. (related to tip number 8) What got me through it was to focus on something bigger than myself–because the fear was ego driven. The message(s) in my book were far more important than my fears. As long as I kept that in front of me, I was fine. And as a friend kindly said to me, “Wendy, focus on all of the people who will find value in your book and not on the folks who will find fault with it.”

      I hope your recover quickly and please let me know more about your book.

      June 24, 2013

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