• Wendy, well-done article.

    There’s nothing so cool as taking ME time during prime time hours rather than waiting till I’m too tired or too hungry to do anything else.


    March 05, 2013
    • Thanks, Diana! Yep, always one more thing to do, one more person to respond to, one more excuse … But when I take ME time, I never regret it and my work product is that much better.
      Thanks for stopping by!

      March 05, 2013
  • I am a big believer in white space. I have a trolly trail through the woods that works just great for a run or walk. I’m always amazed at the clarity that I find there. Bring on spring!

    March 05, 2013
    • Yes! Yes! Yes! to it all. Thanks, Karin. May the buds blossom for you.

      March 05, 2013
  • There is something about the outdoors that is naturally calming. Patients recover from surgery faster if they have a garden view. Oceans are particularly restful.

    This is the environment we evolved in, and I think our inner self naturally relaxes when we go to nature, which really is going home

    March 05, 2013
    • I agree completely, Greg. Time in nature connects me more deeply to my own inner-nature. Time in nature helps keep me sane in what often feels like an insane world. Time in nature keeps me focused on the essential and renews my reverence for all life.
      Thanks for your comments, Greg.

      March 05, 2013
  • Great post, Wendy. And perfect timing! I’ve been thinking about this a lot (specifically as it’s been a very busy year so far at work), and just published a post today on my blog about why I believe it’s important to “unplug” on a regular basis. Sometimes you just need to step away to gain perspective.

    March 06, 2013
    • Thanks, Carrie! Just read your post http://www.carriesbusynothings.com and yes, we are certainly on the same wavelength. Great that you’ve set boundaries for yourself or as you said, “it can swallow you whole.” Loved that!

      March 06, 2013

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