Immersion Coaching

Contact Wendy to arrange an immersion coaching experience. Together you’ll select a relaxing location, devoid of business distractions to focus on you. Wendy personalises your workshop to address your vision and goals what gets in your way. She’ll design unique activities designed to identify and diminish your career derailers, and get you back on the leadership success track.

Build in an Immersion Coaching experience along with your ongoing coaching arrangement with Wendy. She also partners well with other coaches and can work with you and your existing coach to take your work together to the next level.

Executive Coaching

Wendy is a seasoned business coach who can work with you on improving your effectiveness as a leader, peer and boss. She understands business and and can seamlessly switch hats between coach, thought partner and consultant.

Team Coaching

Wendy is an expert at working with team dynamics. She works with interpersonal communication, leadership style differences and core motivations in order to create highly functioning and aligned teams that work smoothly across organizational boundaries.

Contact Wendy to explore your coaching needs.

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