Enneagram Typing Cards

Wendy Appel has distilled the nine distinct worldviews of the Enneagram Types into a set of  Typing Cards, capturing the essence of each Enneagram Type. They are an accessible, interactive and kinesthetic way to learn and apply the Enneagram system.

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Who uses the Enneagram Typing Cards? You do!

The Enneagram Typing Cards are a great way to discover your Enneagram Type or help your client discover theirs’. You can use them to understand what motivates people around you. They make a great gift too!

A client said . . .

“After my Typing session with you, I showed the Enneagram Cards to my husband and he was quickly able to identify his Type. We exchanged cards to read about each other’s Type. We were going through a rough patch at the time and this gave us a great way to objectively see our differences and begin to accept one another. That conversation we had as a result of your cards, moved us through a very difficult time. Thank you!”

The Enneagram Typing Cards work great in a team building session. Arrange a workshop for your team to both bridge and accept differences and to learn to play to your team strengths.

Wendy’s book, InsideOut Enneagram: The Game-Changing Guide for Leaders is the companion guide to the Enneagram Typing Cards. Use it to deepen your understanding of the Enneagram system, your Type, and work the exercises and practices in the book to begin shifting your patterns and habits for better results.

The Enneagram Cards are a great gift to give yourself ; they help you better understand your own style—where you get yourself in trouble and why! You will also uncover your strengths – the person you are when you are relaxed, self-aware and using your inherent gifts. The Enneagram will help you to better understand the people you engage with everyday.

The cards get right to the point and give you enough information to quickly assess yourself and others—and will help you to improve your relationships. However, it would be best to work with a skilled Enneagram Coach or Consultant for added guidance.

If you are a Coach . . .

Using these cards with your clients is both a practical and simple way to help them find their Type. They will appreciate having their own set as a handy reference to refer back to during your ongoing work with them.

A client wrote . . .

I think you are gifted with the Enneagram, Wendy, and our session rocked my world!

If your client has already gone through a 360 degree review, this will likely validate some of the feedback they have received and therefore be a great tool for your work with them. The Enneagram is an amazingly effective framework to use in your work as a coach to help people make some much needed shifts in order to be more effective.

If you are a Consultant, Manager, HR Leader . . .

These cards are a great tool to use in team development or team coaching sessions as they are a wonderful teaser to gain their interest in learning more. InsideOut Enneagram has practical activities you can use with your clients.

If you are a Therapists or Counselor . . .

Many people wish their therapists knew the Enneagram to focus in on core issues. By using the cards, you can swiftly help your clients find their Type. Once identified, the Enneagram cuts through a lot of territory to get right to their core motivations, underlying beliefs and associated coping strategies. These cards are a great way to support your work.

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