Team Workshops

Wendy Appel guides leaders and their teams to access and integrate the intelligences of their head, heart and gut.

When you know your Enneagram Type, its implications and those of your team members, you will have a better chance of leveraging your team’s strengths and managing the gaps. Team interactions will become healthier and your meetings will be far more productive.
You and your team will increase your capacity to deal with change, work demands, stressors, to make effective decisions, better understand your colleagues and to decrease your reactive patterns.

To lead from all three intelligences is both transformative for you, your team and your organisation; Wendy offers to show you how.

Team workshops are recommended for:

  • Executive Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Intact Teams
  • Virtual Teams
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Online Workshops: Insight to Action

Insight to Action is designed to mimic an in-person workshop. You will experience result-driven exercises, practices and tips to take your work with the Enneagram well beyond the Typing process. Wendy collaborates with expert co-hosts, to introduce new concepts and tools to bring out the best in the nine Enneagram Types; to improve resiliency, become more self-aware and learn to relax defenses. We focus on how to take your self-insights and make the changes you desire.

We’ll experience several different ways to work with the different Enneagram Types to manage those nasty little gremlins that trip you up and derail careers and relationships?  These advanced workshops will help arm you with new tools for navigating the human complexities of life. You may sign-up for just one, several or all 10!

There will be readings assigned from Wendy’s new book, InsideOut Enneagram: The Game-Changing Guide for Leaders, to derive maximum benefit from the ten sessions.

For more information see the 2012 workshop descriptions.

Check the calendar for workshop dates and times.


Online Workshop: Enneagram Foundation Plus

The Enneagram

Understand what makes people tick; discover your Enneagram Type and how the Enneagram Typing System works with master coach Wendy Appel. The internal dynamics, defense structures, desires, and gifts of all nine Types are revealed over six interactive sessions.

If you want to increase your emotional fluency and be more effective professionally and personally, this workshop is for you. Check the calendar for upcoming workshops or contact Wendy to request a workshop.

Where: This workshop is virtual (tele-workshop) You can join from the comfort of your home or office. If you are interested in an in-depth, in-person workshop, please contact us to inquire.

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Check the calendar for upcoming workshops or contact us to request one.

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