Insight to Action

Take the Next Step! 10 Interactive and Experiential Workshops

When you discover your Enneagram Type or your client discovers theirs’, what’s next?

Expert co-hosts  join Wendy Appel to show you how to shift the habits and patterns associated with the Nine Enneagram Types. You’ll learn new tools to reign in those little gremlins that trip you up and derail careers and relationships? These are real workshops:Interactive. Breakout sessions. Q&A.

Past attendees report: “The two hours fly by! I wanted more.”

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All sessions run from 6:00-8:00 pm Central European Time (CET) (9:00-11:00 am PT and 11:00-1:00 ET)

Insight to Action: Guest Hosts and Dates

March 14: What’s Your Instinct? -Bea Chestnut

The 27 Instinctual Subtypes and How they Impact Relationships
In this teleseminar we will explore Claudio Naranjo’s latest version of the 27 Enneagram instinctual subtypes and how these instinctual drives manifest in relationships, in an interesting and interactive way.

April 18: Balancing the Three Centers of Intelligence -Wendy Palmer

Using the Conscious Embodiment model we will discuss the distinction between two parts of ourselves – personality and center – and learn how to make the shift from personality to center. When center is activated – the head is free for perception, the heart for compassion and the belly for confidence.

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May 16: Our Emotional Health and the Levels of Development -Gayle Hardie and Malcolm Lazenby

Gayle and Malcolm are experts at working with clients and client systems on the Levels of Development, also known as the Levels of Emotional Health. In this teleseminar, participants will learn to assess, understand and strengthen their emotional health in order to develop and transform as individuals and leaders.

June 13: Conducting a Typing Interview -Wendy Appel

We will use the Enneagram Typing Cards and learn an effective interview process to help clients discover their Enneagram Type while learning about how the Enneagram System works. If you or your client have taken one of the “Indicators” online, this process will also help you validate (or invalidate) the results.

July 18: Your “Inner Team” -Drew Dougherty

What is Internal Family Systems (IFS)?

“Parts work”, or Internal Family Systems (IFS), makes available a path to leadership of your inner team that mirrors the path to effectively leading any team.  It lies in forging a relationship with the team members, based on respect, acceptance, and dialog (not judgment, or forcing).

By forging a trusting relationship with our parts we come to know them intimately, and will guide them to willingly chose more constructive strategies that serve our true best interests.  The process of identifying parts, and engaging in active dialog is what we will learn and practice in our Insight to Action workshop on July 18.

It is a path to self-leadership, acceptance, and healing that is available any time, and, after some practice, can be self-directed.  I have found it to be a form of meditation that is more active and therefore more accessible to people like me who have a hard time sitting for long with a more passive form of quiet-mind meditation!

We will focus on how to recognise, tame, and re-direct the reactive parts within us that trip us up and diminish our leadership effectiveness. Drew will present a framework that will expose participants to a method to evoke the best from all members of our “inner team.”

August 15: How to Break Open Our Stories -Mario Sikora

 Mario Sikora, president of the International Enneagram Association, will discuss the change process outlined in his book, “Awareness to Action.” We’ll work with the three driving instincts that shape where we focus our attention and the unique model Mario developed. Participants will learn the same techniques Mario teaches to his clients–executives in large organisations around the world. We will learn what to be aware of as we coach others with differing dominant instincts, and what to look out for in order to manage our own biases. You will end the program equipped with unique insights into the strategies we use to resist change that are at the heart of the Enneagram Types and how these same strategies are used to break open our stories using his Awareness to Action process.

September 12: How to Shift the Narratives that Shape and Limit Us -Chris Cavanaugh-Simmons

Stories have been a way to transmit information throughout human history. We are story tellers and we make meaning out of our lives and out of history through the stories we tell. Each Enneagram Type has a unique story that they tell themselves and others; their “who I AM” story.

Besides being an all around great person, Christine Cavanaugh-Simmons, my co-host for this tele-workshop, is a master coach and expert in the use of language and metaphor, and she is poised to publish a book on the subject.

Chris coaches executives in fortune 100 companies. An expert in the use of narrative and metaphor, she uses both effectively in her coaching practice. As part of this, she assists executives in developing their personal, strategic and change narratives. Through her work with narrative and metaphor, Chris learned first hand the significant impact our personal stories had on how we see ourselves and others see us: how our narratives reflect, constrain, or expand our identity.

What will we cover in this tele-workshop?

In our tele-workshop, you will discover how these “Who I AM” stories show up in the nine Types. We’ll learn to recognize these unique stories in our clients, colleagues, employees, in our relationships, and most importantly, in ourselves.

During the session we will heighten our listening skills in order to tease out the metaphors and important words that different Types use. Together, we’ll explore how we make meaning of events and how to use personal “sparkling” moments to reframe our own unique stories.

There is the story, the story listening, and the story sensemaking, all of which we will explore. Stories serve as a doorway to help clients see themselves more clearly. By understanding their stories and metaphors, we can help them reframe and grow. We are much bigger than our stories!

The listening

  • How do we listen to the narrative?
  • What do we listen for?
  • Why are these stories so powerful and memorable?

The telling

  • Narrative Therapy concepts
  • Forming the story
  • Thickening the problem story
  • Separation from the story (we are not the problem, the problem is the problem)


  • Looking for the sparking moment
  • Questions to ask to surface the alternative narrative
  • Building the preferred story (coming soon along with the release of her book)

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October 17: What Neuroscience Can Teach Us About The Enneagram -Janet Crawford

We are in the midst of a neuroscience revolution, with cutting edge research lending new insights into what it means to be human and what guides our behavior. In this session, Janet Crawford, expert in the application of neuroscience research to coaching and leadership, will explain what’s happening at a biological level when you play out Enneagram habits. She will facilitate practical explorations of ways to recognize them and how relax their grip.

“Applying neuroscience to leadership matters. Science is revolutionizing our understanding of what it is to be human. An explosion of advances in human neuroscience is giving us a window into why people behave as they do and how we can manage our environments and behaviors with others to maximize results. These new scientific findings challenge old assumptions of what it means to lead.” – Janet Crawford

What we’ll cover:

  • What are patterns at a neural level?
  • Universal social instincts (distinct from Enneagram Instinctual Subtypes), what are they and how to do they play out with Type?
  • What happens during an Amygdala hijack and how that work with your Enneagram Type
  • How to Change / interrupt our impulses?
  • How to relax the grip of our Type?

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December 5: Travels with Odysseus -Michael Goldberg

“I don’t like answers. But I like stories.” -Elie Weisel

Michael Goldberg says the Enneagram types are far more like stories than they are lists of characteristics. They confront people with choices and raise more questions than answers, or they should.

In the Greek hero Odysseus’  famous  journey home from the war, more than three thousand years ago, he meets- astonishingly- each of the nine Ennea-types in number order. Each adventure addresses choices that a particular Ennea-type must wrestle with.

In this tele-workshop, Michael, in his inimitable and engaging style, retells the Odysseus’ 9 ennea-type adventures, focusing on the lessons that Odysseus’ adventures hold for each type. We’ll explore how the characters of the Odyssey-the scary Cyclops, lovely Calypso and the rest- communicate some profound and practical truths for those who work with the nine types.

No previous knowledge of The Odyssey is necessary.

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January 23: From Inner Critic to Inner Authority with Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy

Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy

The way we know ourselves is closely related to how much airtime we give to our Inner Critic! While it can show up under any and all circumstances in life, the Inner Critic becomes particularly activated and accelerated when an individual is on the path of real change and growth.

Through our time together, there will be an opportunity to learn more about the functioning and role of the uninterrupted Inner Critic and to develop increased awareness about its impact on our lives.  We’ll also distinguish ways the Inner Critic operates in the nine distinct Enneagram personality structures.

We’ll discover and discern what brings you into deeper contact with your own inner authority and inner guidance.

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