Industry leaders applaud new book.

David Frigstad - Chairman, Frost & Sullivan

High-functioning teams in a global economy face complex challenges that require diverse skills and varied sources of motivation. To achieve that vital mix, a leader must have an in-depth understanding of behavior and performance in a wide range of industries, countries, and cultures. The Enneagram is an extraordinary system to build team resources uniquely designed to address complexity. Wendy Appel guides leaders to create and manage great teams through use of the Enneagram.

At Frost & Sullivan, a global consulting company helping clients achieve best practices in growth, innovation, and leadership, we thrive in a highly competitive global economy, thanks in no small part to Wendy, who coached us to make masterful use of Enneagram tools. Now she has made the tools available to those who can’t work with her directly. This book provides a case study framework to engage the reader, and deep attention to detail to ensure that leaders and teams can learn to use precision tools to achieve a desired result.

I recommend InsideOut Enneagram to all business team leaders. Wendy’s work as a coach, grounded in her international business experience, and her carefully structured guidance in this book provide a map for team success that I have not found elsewhere.

David Frigstad
Chairman, Frost & Sullivan

Lynne Sedgmore, CBE - CEO of the 157 Group of FE Colleges, UK

I have read many books on the Enneagram, and I must say, InsideOut Enneagram is one of the most powerful, useful, practical, and challenging interpretations I have read in a long time. As a practicing chief executive working with the complexities and fast pace of today’s organisational life, this is one of the best leadership guides I have found to enable me to improve my leadership and organisational effectiveness. I highly recommend it to every CEO who wishes to maximise their potential and practice.

Lynne Sedgmore, CBE
CEO of the 157 Group of FE Colleges, UK
United Kingdom

Eric Nicoli, CBE - Chairman, R&R Music

I am new to the principles of the Enneagram and excited, even at my advanced age, at the potential to up my game. Wendy’s book is intriguing and compelling, and I will use it to unleash previously untapped inner resources in my ongoing personal quest to improve my management approach. InsideOut Enneagram is fresh, inviting, and real.

Eric Nicoli, CBE
Chairman, R&R Music
Former chairman, EMI Group, the Tussauds Group Ltd., and Vue Entertainment
United Kingdom

Jane Perdue - Leadership and women’s issues consultant

Ever traveled to a new city and explored its riches and intricacies with a knowledgeable tour guide? It’s totally positive. Wendy Appel offers that same rewarding experience in her new book, InsideOut Enneagram, for anyone on a journey to be a better leader.

Understanding one’s self—strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, and shadows—is foundational for effectively leading others. The Enneagram is a beneficial tool for building that self-awareness. Wendy proves herself a master of helping us to use the Enneagram to plumb the heights and depths of our own Types and Triads.

Having trouble relating to or working with a direct report, colleague, or boss? The chapter on “Dynamics and Distinctions” is a not-to-be-missed workplace crystal ball of discovery and insights. Believe you are who you are and can’t change? Wendy details the latest in brain science to dispel that myth and encourage you to spread your wings and jump off the cliff of self-discovery.
Years ago I had a boss who wouldn’t let me include the Enneagram in a three-day leadership development off-site for the senior team, saying it was too “woo-woo.” Too bad I didn’t have this book to give him, because it is full of practical workplace examples and case studies. There’s plenty of content for those who respond to logic as well as those who relate to emotions.

It requires courage to take that journey within. With Wendy’s material and self-reflection exercises, you’re in the hands of a very capable guide. Be prepared to think, face the truth, and have an uncomfortable moment or two. The new you that results will be well worth it.

Jane Perdue
Leadership and women’s issues consultant, speaker, and writer
Principal, Braithwaite Innovation Group

Dr. Graeme Codrington - Author, futurist, speaker

The Enneagram has been a companion and aid in my life for over a decade, and I use it extensively in personal relationships and in a professional capacity. Wendy Appel’s book is one of the freshest new contributions I have read on the topic, and provides an invaluable tool for leaders who want to better understand themselves and others. Part overview, part leadership manual, part personal journal, it provides a perfect introduction to this powerful profiling tool. This is more than a book—it is a guide for a journey that will transform your life.

Dr. Graeme Codrington
Author, futurist, speaker
South Africa and United Kingdom

Angeles Arrien, PhD - Cultural Anthropologist

InsideOut Enneagram is an inspirational, insightful, and practical guidebook. It is an invaluable resource for anyone, in any profession, of any age, who wants to be more consciously self-aware of how to become more effective, personally and professionally, in all aspects of one’s life. Engaging, relevant, usable, and an excellent synthesis of how human gifts and talents can be used most effectively and creatively!

Angeles Arrien, PhD
Cultural Anthropologist
Author of The Four-Fold Way and The Second Half of Life

Val Harding, PhD - Vice president, Pfizer Inc.

InsideOut Enneagram is pithy and sharp. Wendy has done a brilliant job of connecting the Enneagram to present-day challenges that leaders face. This book will entice you to embark on a hero’s journey of self-discovery to authentic and inspiring leadership. She makes this journey accessible and enjoyable through her skillful, practical use of the Enneagram with helpful tools and exercises to guide and support. InsideOut is a leadership skill. By developing yourself, you’ll improve your ability to mobilize others. I am excited to have started my own journey.

Val Harding, PhD
Vice president, Pfizer Inc.

Vincent Schneider - Chief Human Resource Officer, Audemars Piguet SA

Wendy has written an engaging read that taps into veins of gold I hadn’t realized were there. InsideOut Enneagram provides wonderful insights into the power and wisdom of the Enneagram. It has the key to unlock the true potential of international teams facing cross-cultural challenges. The Enneagram is a highly intuitive system and adds a comprehensive dimension of understanding to build better teams and better leaders. We live in turbulent times, and I am now better equipped to stay centered in the face of what lies ahead. Be bold, be brave, buy this book, and enjoy what it helps you uncover.

Vincent Schneider
Chief Human Resource Officer, Audemars Piguet SA

Harriet Moss

InsideOut Enneagram is a fascinating, entertaining read that weaves together the ancient system of the Enneagram with modern knowledge about brain science and psychology. As a student of the Enneagram for the past 25 years, I found InsideOut to be one of the best, most accessible and practical books on the subject I’ve seen. A must-read!

Harriet Moss
Former CEO, Antenna Audio; Founder, Stinson/Bolinas Community Fund and West Marin Fund; media consultant

Judi Neal, PhD - Director, Tyson Center for Spirituality in the Workplace

InsideOut Enneagram is a wonderful integration of wisdom and practicality that can guide you on your journey to your true self. Blending science, psychology, myth, and ancient spiritual wisdom, Wendy Appel has provided you with a self-directed workshop in a book. This book is a journey worth taking!

Judi Neal, PhD
Director, Tyson Center for Spirituality in the Workplace
Author of Edgewalkers: People and Organizations That Take Risks, Build Bridges, and Break New Ground

Elisabet Sahtouris - Evolution biologist and futurist

Discovering the unique leader already available within you and polishing that gem through the understanding that this book reveals may be the most valuable, as well as the most enjoyable, journey you’ve ever taken. In times of great crises, nothing is more needed than good leadership—all we can get! There are countless books reporting it and training it, but I’ve never seen one more fascinating and fun.

Elisabet Sahtouris
Evolution biologist and futurist
Author of Earth Dance: Living Systems in Evolution

Mario Sikora - Executive leadership coach

Wendy Appel’s book brings together three lines of thought—the Enneagram, archetypal psychology, and brain studies—in an engaging and useful way. It is a worthy contribution to the effort of applying the Enneagram in the business world. Though specifically aimed at leaders, her book is chock-full of practical advice and exercises and will be useful for anyone who is seeking to grow from within.

Mario Sikora
Executive leadership coach, consultant
President, International Enneagram Association (IEA)
Coauthor of Awareness to Action: The Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence, and Change

Michael J. Goldberg, JD - Author

In this astonishing book, Wendy brings the Enneagram’s ancient wisdom to leadership and to life. Filled with case studies, exercises, and guidance for each of the Enneagram styles, InsideOut Enneagram is a rich resource sure to draw you in time and again. Wendy’s unique Enneagram Typing Cards make it vivid and personal. An extremely practical and engaging approach!

Michael J. Goldberg, JD
Author of The 9 Ways of Working and Travels with Odysseus

Sylviane Cannio - Master certified coach

This book is a must for leaders, coaches, consultants, or trainers. Indeed, it is the most useful book I have ever read on the Enneagram and its application to leadership; it explains the philosophy behind this centuries-old symbol and takes the new-world Enneagram on a journey that bridges business life and interpersonal relationships. These are explained in the most visual way by many useful examples. And it doesn’t stop there. InsideOut Enneagram offers tools for the reader to use and practice.

Sylviane Cannio
Master certified coach, speaker, and former vice president, International Coach Federation
Author of Communiquer Avec Authenticité et Rester Vrai (Conscious Communications)

Mary Bast - Coach and mentor

With many books about the Enneagram on the market, it’s important to know what distinguishes InsideOut Enneagram. First, Wendy Appel is a terrific writer—you will be drawn in quickly and compelled to read more. She’s also an excellent teacher whose descriptions, graphics, metaphors, case studies, and typing cards give flavor, variety, and depth to her comprehensive treatment of the Enneagram. Most important, you’ll have ample opportunity to apply the concepts she covers, for greater understanding and self-awareness. To read InsideOut and follow the exercises is to begin the journey toward transforming yourself. Be prepared for an adventure!

Mary Bast
Coach and mentor
Coauthor of Out of the Box: Coaching with the Enneagram

Ellen Johanne Munkvold - Senior country manager, Halliburton

How can I be an effective leader without self-insight and a capacity to inspire and empower others? InsideOut Enneagram provides a comprehensive understanding of how I can use the Enneagram to see myself more clearly—my drivers, tendencies, fears, and strengths—as well as to gain insight into others, all crucial to developing myself as a business leader and fellow human being. I just have to be daring and look inside.

Ellen Johanne Munkvold
Senior country manager, Halliburton

Wendy Bartlett - Managing Director, Bartlett Mitchell

At this turbulent time it is important to maximise your main assets; your team, their strengths and what they can deliver. Any tool that gives you an edge is worth your investment. InsideOut Enneagram gets my vote.

Wendy Bartlett
Managing Director, Bartlett Mitchell
United Kingdom

Ian Berry - Change master

From the moment I read “The Enneagram is like the yellow brick road,” this book had me hooked! Wendy has taken a leadership development tool that probably originated in 750 BC and made it 21st century. All change is personal first, or inside out, as Wendy describes it. By taking this book to your heart, you will change what’s normal in your life, and your world will be the better for it.

Ian Berry
Change master
Author of Changing What’s Normal

John Renesch - Futurist

InsideOut Enneagram is an adventure in self-awareness—learning more about ourselves so we can be better leaders, better coworkers, and better people. This is the kind of book the world needs, for in this fractured world, we need leaders who are self-actualized. This book looks certain to create a shift in those who read and practice.

John Renesch
Author of The Great Growing Up and Getting to the Better Future

Wendy Palmer - Author

Leadership is a mysterious and dynamic process. Through the lens of the Enneagram, this book offers a rich and beautifully laid-out approach to the process of understanding behavioral tendencies and inner workings of the complex world of leading and being led.

Wendy Palmer
Author of The Intuitive Body and The Practice of Freedom

Gayle Hardie and Malcolm Lazenby - Cofounders, Global Leadership Foundation

Wendy has creatively integrated the great wisdom the Enneagram provides with her sound and genuine perspectives and expertise in leadership and personal development. There is “a leader in all of us,” and this book provides a unique way of exploring this and building capability and confidence as a result.

Gayle Hardie and Malcolm Lazenby
Cofounders, Global Leadership Foundation

Christine Cavanaugh Simmons - Executive coach and consultant

Was InsideOut Enneagram worth the read? Absolutely! Wendy has been able to write a book on the Enneagram that is valuable for someone completely new to the Enneagram as well as for the longtime Enneagram practitioner. Her guidance is practical and accessible, and longtime practitioners will discover delightful new insights in every chapter. I can see myself handing this to every new leader I work with, whether for individual coaching or team development.

Christine Cavanaugh-Simmons
Executive coach and consultant, CCS Consulting, Inc.

Steve Chihos - Change leader of theBigRocks, LLC

How the mix of personalities blend together to get work done (or not get work done) is of paramount importance when it comes to executing change. Wendy Appel is one of the world’s foremost experts on the Enneagram, a solid tool that can help change leaders and change agents understand what makes their people tick. The wisdom found in InsideOut Enneagram will make you more effective in nearly any setting that requires humans to interact.

Steve Chihos
Change leader—theBigRocks, LLC

Julie Lewis - Mountaineer, speaker, retreat leader

It takes courage to actively seek change. It takes clarity to see what change can bring. It takes time, commitment, and wisdom to change from within before speaking out. Wendy shares the power of ancient wisdom for modern times in this valuable, practical companion as you change the way you lead in business and in life! Indeed, this book is helping me re-point my internal compass as I consider my own path Beyond the Summit.

Julie Lewis
Mountaineer, speaker, retreat leader
Dubai, UAE

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