Enneagram Typing Cards

The Enneagram Typing Cards prove to be one of the best ways to discover your Enneagram Type!

Val Harding - Executive Director at Pfizer Inc.

“Wendy’s Enneagram cards easily guided me to discover my type and the motivations driving my behaviors. The well-written descriptors clarified and deepened my understanding of types, patterns of behaviors, preferences, strengths and challenges. This opportunity for self-reflection and has enriched my journey of self-discovery, awareness and personal growth. I highly recommend Wendy’s Enneagram cards.”

Val Harding
Executive Director at Pfizer Inc.

Katherine W. Hirsch - Author of The MBTI® Decision-Making Style Report

What makes Wendy’s cards special? They are, as advertised, interactive and kinesthetic. The images drew strong reactions from me and these reactions helped me reflect on my natural patterns – both productive and defensive – and feel secure in my identification of my Enneagram type. Also, as advertised, they are jam-packed with information. Individual sentences leapt out and whole paragraphs had me nodding my head at Wendy’s wisdom especially at revealing our blind spots. Buy them!”

Katherine W. Hirsch
Author of The MBTI® Decision-Making Style Report

Drew Dougherty - Executive Leadership Coach

Wendy’s enneagram cards have helped corporate clients to engage with self awareness and reflection, even when they haven’t felt they have the time or ability. The cards allow for a quick and fun entry into the important realm of self-leadership, and they draw clients into important conversations about their type and motivations. In most cases, it has led to clients wanting more, and that’s a good thing!

Drew Dougherty
Executive Leadership Coach
Founder, LeadershipDNA
San Diego, California, USA

Jan E. Boethius - Owner, Addere Leadership

I have used different on-line tests in trying to establish my type but found them giving very ambiguous results at best. Wendy’s Enneagram Cards allowed me to establish in a very short time with clarity and confidence my type. In addition they gave great insight in an easily accessible form. I highly recommend this product in particular as Wendy is coming out with a book that still deepens and broadens the experience.

Jan E. Boethius
Owner, Addere Leadership

Global Health Care Consultant

The Enneagram Cards are an inspiring and fascinating tool to guide individuals on a journey of self-discovery, for both business and every day life situations. As a cultural anthropologist, Wendy is very intuitive and did a great job in first explaining the various types. She then helped me thoroughly identify which type might be the best match for me. The Enneagram typology can also provide an effective framework to strengthen team work and communications.

Global Health Care Consultant

Jennifer Scott, C.Ht. - Clinical Hypnotherapist

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I find Wendy’s Enneagram cards an invaluable tool in my practice. First of all, they’re fun to use and attractive to look at and all my clients are drawn to pick them up. Once that happens, I can pretty easily help them find their Type. Wendy has an extraordinary ability to synthesise complex ideas into simple strategies. (Other Enneagram Gurus often require in-depth testing and workshop experience to identify their Type.) I absolutely love the cards and highly recommend them to other Clinical Hypnotherapists, Psychologists, Counselors, Coaches, Consultants, Enneagram Teachers and to all those on a journey of Self Discovery. Identifying Type is only the beginning of the journey.

Jennifer Scott, C.Ht.
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Scottsdale, Arizona , USA

Lynn White - Director, WDI Consulting LLC

I have worked with Wendy for about 4 years on a range of major organisational change projects. She introduced me to the Enneagram a number of years ago and her depth of knowledge combined with her ability to translate meaning and insights into everyday language is unique. She is inspirational in her ability to help others help themselves through their learning and interpretation of the Enneagram. Her most recent contribution to this arena is her newly published Enneagram cards which are fabulous! I have used them with both senior executives and my teenage nieces to help them find and better understand their type. I highly recommend Wendy, her services, and her tools.

Lynn White
Director, WDI Consulting LLC
London, United Kingdom

Kelly Rigotti - Consultant

I had the good luck recently to participate in an Enneagram workshop given by Wendy, in which she used her cards. I wasn’t at all familiar with the Enneagram concept and found her cards to be clear, informative and thought-provoking. I recognised myself, including my best and worst characteristics, and now have a new perspective on some of my ingrained behaviors and how I can make some shifts.

Kelly Rigotti
Grenoble, France

Pam Fox Rollin - Executive Coach

I’m glad to have these Enneagram cards. I find it hard, sometimes, to introduce the Enneagram to busy corporate clients. These cards are perfect. My action-oriented, decisive clients grab cards and work through quickly, while my more reflective clients ponder cards more slowly. Either way, cards enable my clients to focus and self-identify in a way that books and reports do not. What is especially great about these cards are the spot-on pictures and thoughtful descriptions, grounded in Wendy’s deep expertise with the Enneagram.

Pam Fox Rollin
Executive Coach
Silicon Valley, California, USA

Helen Crothers - Leadership Development & Coach

I have friends who want to learn more about the enneagram but find much of the language in books or on-line a bit daunting. These enneagram cards change all of that! You have pulled together the essence of the 9 types in a way that most people will find accessible. I can see the precision and caring you applied to each sentence. These are a work of art, with some of the best language about type that I’ve ever read. In addition to using these in my coaching work, I think this card set will be one of the best gifts I can give to friends and family. They will gain a deeper understanding of the self that will be liberating.

Helen Crothers
Leadership Development & Coach
Oakland, California, USA

Christine Cavanaugh - Emergent Solutions

I have personally and professionally benefited from the deep and complete knowledge of the Enneagram Wendy so effortlessly imparts. These cards reflect her expertise in elegantly simple and humorously presented concepts. Helping people see what their gift is and laugh at their humanness is a gift unto itself and these cards get the job done.

Christine Cavanaugh
Managing Partner
Emergent Solutions
Palo Alto, California, USA

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