Public Speaking

Cees de Voogd - Executive Coach

Wendy is a great keynote speaker and Enneagram expert. During her concluding talk ‘Making the Shift’ at the European Enneagram Congress in 2008, the audience was spellbound from the beginning till the end –when her speech was loudly applauded. And for good reasons: Wendy had touched her audiences’ head, heart and soul.

Cees de Voogd
Executive Coach

Michael Groser - Enneagram Teacher and Business Coach

I had the pleasure of experiencing Wendy Appel as a speaker at the Enneagram IEA Europe Conference in Denmark in 2008. Wendy was given the extremely tough task of giving the End Note speech. People were tired and mentally departing after a full conference. Still Wendy was able to inspire everyone by giving an amazing conference closing.
In a warm, heartfelt, and very professional way, Wendy was able to synthesise and integrate key themes from previous conferences, and deliver her talk in a way that made it appear very simple (which it is not!). From her energetic heart – Wendy presented a beautiful combination of facts, ancient wisdom, poetry and music. Everyone surrendered to this last journey of the conference.
Once in a while, I play the very special piece of music she used and it transports me back to that moment in time at the conference when being part of ‘making the world a better place’ actually felt quite possible and present.
Nice job, Wendy Appel. Keep it up.

Michael Groser
Enneagram Teacher and Business Coach

Yochanan Altman - International Association of Management

I have worked with Wendy Appel on a number of joint public engagements, including panel and symposia discussions at international academic and professional conferences, as well as a live radio discussion forum. Wendy is a great communicator, a lively and engaging speaker; she is warm, deep, passionate and sincere. A wonderful person to listen to and learn from.

Yochanan Altman
International Association of Management, Spirituality and Religion
United Kingdom

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