Dr. Graeme Codrington - Author, futurist, speaker

I recently was involved in one of Wendy’s Enneagram workshops. I found Wendy to be both energising and humble as a presenter – not an easy combination, but certainly a compelling one! Her knowledge and mastery of the Enneagram was superb, and her approach worked well for beginners and those who know the profiling tool well. I enjoyed the session, and would recommend her as a facilitator.

Dr. Graeme Codrington
Author, futurist, speaker
South Africa and United Kingdom

Antoni Colom - Project Developer Public eHealth

When you realise that strategic development and operations have their foundation in emotional intelligence, that’s when you see the value of an alternative approach. Wendy Appel sees life from global and cross-cultural perspective and uses the Enneagram to as a lens to implement what she sees. Her Enneagram Typing Cards are a valuable tool in this process. Modeling the way, Wendy Appel has helped me actualise my projects. In part this has been because of her empathy and ability to “be present” that underlies Wendy’s approach. She is skilled at making the Enneagram easy, accessible and useful.

Antoni Colom
Project Developer Public eHealth

Dr. Andrea Stummer - BayWa AG, Germany

Because Wendy Appel was very lively and active in bringing forward the topic, it was very easy to follow and understand the content. She presented extensive knowledge on the subject and her presentation, style and the combination of different types of multimedia made the course very compelling.

The class itself was a heterogeneous group in terms of age and educational background but with the same goal: to reach the MBA in crisis and change management.

For me personally this workshop was very informative because the Enneagram was completely new to me and because of the attractive demonstration and extensive content and subject matter. I took a lot of information out of it for myself.

Dr. Andrea Stummer
Head of Projects and Business Development,
BayWa AG, Munich, Germany

Veronique Magny-Antoine - Executive at Abax Corporate Services Ltd.

I subscribe to this workshop at the very last minute and not knowing exactly what it was about, at a time when I was reflecting on my leadership style and I found out that I will only be able to become a better leader if I understand more of myself and others. I am now embarked on the Hero’s journey; there is still a long way to go but would like to recommend same to those who need to rethink about their way of doing things, as we all do sometimes. Thank you Wendy.

Veronique Magny-Antoine
Executive at Abax Corporate Services Ltd.

Carmen Fernandez Del Prestamo - Career & Educaction Counseling at MBTI-Coaching

Thanks Wendy for this fantastic opportunity for self-growth. I miss these Wednesday’s sessions very much. Certainly looking forward to the second part of the journey, the “now what”. This on-line workshop is a self-revealing experience for anyone interested in gaining interior peace and happiness.

Carmen Fernandez Del Prestamo
Career & Educaction Counseling at MBTI-Coaching
Madrid, Spain

Sue Garland - Health Care Management Consultant

Wendy’s presentation of the Enneagram principles facilitated an unhurried inquiry into my own Type and modeled for me an easy, non-intrusive approach to using the Enneagram typing with clients. I have found that I now have a new “program running in the background”, murmuring to me gently when I need to examine a thought process, or a reaction, that may not be serving me well. I will be happily exploring the dimensions of this system for a long time!”.

Sue Garland
Health Care Management Consultant, Professional Life Coach,
Certified Spiritual IQ Coach at Awaken to Possibility
Houston, Texas, USA

Jennifer Scott - Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

This workshop has had a profound effect on me, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve her or his leadership skills. It’s not your garden-variety type of program, but rather an experiential opportunity to see yourself in relationship to other people. I’ve learned to both appreciate my authentic gifts as well as to look hard at what’s been in my way. If you want to shine in today’s competitive workplace, take Wendy’s workshop.

Jennifer Scott
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Special Presenter as Clinical Hypnotherapist (Golf and Hypnosis)
at Golf Academy of America Phoenix, Arizona, USA

W.I.N. Conference Attendees

I would definitely recommend this workshop for WIN 2011.
She showed a topic that is complex with simplicity.
Informed, encouraged, and inspired to know more about myself.

Comments from W.I.N. Conference Attendees
(Women’s International Network)
Paris, France

Joy Wotherspoon - Book Editor

Thanks so much for your wonderful seminar last week. After 8 years of exploration, your workshop was the first time I found a type that really made sense for me. It felt like a homecoming of sorts. The major factor in my revelation was the way you named and presented the types. Your approach was fresh and much appreciated!
Thanks also for the Enneagram connection to professional life. Your seminar provided a firm foundation for many professional insights.

Joy Wotherspoon
Book Editor
Grenoble, France

Rebecca Skillman - Grenoble, France

Thank you for your outstanding presentation skills and a fascinating glimpse into the Enneagram. The ideas have got thoroughly under my skin and I’d be interested in a follow-up workshop, should this be feasible.

Rebecca Skillman
Grenoble, France

Anonymous - Grenoble, France

It was energising and enlightening. Fascinating information with practical uses in every aspect of life. Provided tools; very useful ones!

Grenoble, France

Margareth Mayr - Change Coach & Consultant

The University of Applied Science Kufstein Tirol offers a Master program in Crisis Management. Within in the first semester, students have to participate in a Change Management Class, which is taught by Margareth Mayr. Within the structure of this course, Wendy Appel facilitated a whole day workshop, introducing and exploring the Enneagram as an instrument of Change Management and Leadership.
The feedback of the students was very positive, all stating that the instrument was interesting for them personally as well as for their work.
Wendy’s participative teaching style was ideal for working professionals, and the class was designed for interpersonal experience including a variety of exercises and activities for the participants. The diverse usage of media, visual, audio and movement made this workshop very informative, enjoyable and fun. I would be happy if this workshop would become a continuous element of this Change Management course.

Margareth Mayr
Change Coach & Consultant
USA and Italy

Jeanne Lurie - Kundalini yoga instructor

I found Wendy Appel’s workshop on the ENNEAGRAM to be very interesting and left me wanting to delve deeper into the 9 personality types.
I found her presentation extremely well thought out and well prepared. The format was very professional and complex information was made clear and understandable in a short period time. Her preparation and understanding of the subject was thorough and I particularly enjoyed the way she offered different tools for understanding the different personality types such as a poem, a song, a film character and an exercise, just to name a few, and all helped to form a global picture of understanding each type. By learning to work with the different types and work with the internal witness as a self-awareness technique, the enneagram offers new tools for understanding self and others and to help each individual to evolve into a more conscious and compassionate human being. Wendy offers the workshop with warmth and with humor.

Jeanne Lurie
Kundalini yoga instructor,
Massage therapist and health professional
Mallorca, Spain

M. C. Scala, MFT - Therapist

I just wanted to thank you both for the rich experience of your workshop. I showed my notes and handouts to a colleague . She told me she had taken a whole semester’s worth on the Enneagram and that she had never seen as good a presentation on the evolution of each Type. She wants to take a workshop with you! What a relief it is to be enlightened and bask in a more compassionate view of the 9 Types. Thank you!

M. C. Scala, MFT
Palo Alto, California, USA

M. C. - Special Education Coordinator

Where do I begin? I don’t say this lightly—this workshop was transformative for me. I found the exercises for the types to be particularly powerful—in a gentle way it forces you to go deeper in the heart of your fears and desires. The collective authenticity of Roxanne and Wendy spoke to me on the deepest level.

M. C.
Special Education Coordinator
Napa, California, USA

A. W. - Financial Advisor

You both did an excellent job. I really appreciated your different styles and perspectives. I would suggest this workshop to anyone who is interested in self-discovery. The workshop was fun, interesting, and informative.

A. W.
Financial Advisor
San Francisco, California, USA

J.O. - Operations Manager, Sun Microsystems

If you truly want to live a divine life free of self-and other-placed burdens, take this workshop. It was awesome.

Operations Manager, Sun Microsystems

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