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Insideout Enneagram: The Game-Changing Guide for Leaders

InsideOut Enneagram is pithy and sharp. Wendy has done a brilliant job of connecting the Enneagram to present-day challenges that leaders face. This book will entice you to embark on a hero's journey of self-discovery to authentic and inspiring leadership.

    She makes this journey accessible and enjoyable through her skillful, practical use of the Enneagram with helpful tools and exercises to guide and support. InsideOut is a leadership skill. By developing yourself, you'll improve your ability to mobilize others. I am excited to have started my own journey.

Val Harding, PhD
Vice president, Pfizer Inc. USA

Wendy Appel wrote her book InsideOut Enneagram to give you the tools that transformed her life and the way she leads. She shares her insights and practical examples to help you and your team become more effective leaders and to transform your organization from the inside-out.
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