InsideOut Enneagram: The Game-Changing Guide for Leaders will guide you to change the way you see and think and the way you show up as a leader. It will decode the Enneagram, an ancient system for modern times, to shine light on your strengths and challenges, and the often unconscious habits and motivations that drive you and others. It will allow the best of you to emerge as a leader that others trust and are inspired to follow.

InsideOut provides a set of tools to turn complex theories of personality into practice with case studies, exercises and practices. This book was written with leaders, managers, coaches, consultants, and counselors in mind.

InsideOut is also meant for those who want to augment strength, courage, and success, and who may take a lead in the future.

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The Enneagram Cards are a kinesthetic, intuitive, and interactive way to discover your Enneagram Type and learn about some of the habits and patterns, gifts and challenges of the nine Enneagram Types and each of their motivations. They are an exciting way to deepen your knowledge of the Enneagram Typing System. $28

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Book and Cards

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Insight to Action

Delve deeper into the Enneagram during these advanced workshops. Wendy Appel, along with other experts, will help arm you with new tools for navigating the complexities of life.

These virtual workshops have been crafted for individuals who want to grow their self-leadership, as well as for those who want to evolve their work with clients and client systems.

Insight to Action is designed to mimic an in-person workshop. You will be introduced to new concepts and tools to bring out the best in the nine Enneagram Types; to become more emotionally resilient awake and to relax defenses. Additionally, there will be readings assigned from Wendy’s new book InsideOut Enneagram: The Game-Changing Guide for Leaders, to derive maximum benefit from the ten sessions. Please contact us to inquire about upcoming workshops.


Enneagram Foundation Workshop

February 13 through March 20.

symbolw-words copyUnderstand what makes people tick. Discover your Enneagram Type and how the Enneagram Typing System works, with master coach Wendy Appel. The internal dynamics, defense structures, desires, and gifts of all nine Types are revealed over six interactive sessions. You’ll learn how to bring out your best and to become more emotionally resilient awake and to relax defenses.

We meet once a week for two hours each time, over six consecutive weeks.  It is a great way to learn the Enneagram System in a concentrated and iterative fashion. You’ll have time to practice and integrate your learning in-between sessions. This workshop is designed to mimic an in-person workshop.

We’ll use the Enneagram Typing Cards and Wendy’s new book InsideOut Enneagram: The Game-Changing Guide for Leaders, to as our tools for this workshop. There will be reading and some writing / reflecting required in-between sessions. If you don’t already own the Typing Cards and Book, please purchase them in preparation for the workshop.

Price: $269.00

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