“If you can’t see it and acknowledge it, you can’t change it or manage it.”


Enneagram Typing Cards                    

Wendy Appel has distilled the nine distinct Types of the centuries-old system into a set of Enneagram Typing Cards.

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Spirited Women Top 12 Book Pick List

InsideOut Enneagram

made the 2013 Top 12 Spirited Women's Book Pick List. I am so pleased to have my book listed here among these talented "spirited" women authors! http://bit.ly/1jEvGVu

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Fathom SIP Session - with Wendy Appel Oct. 11, 2017

A Peek Into the World of a Female Nigerian CEO Social Impact Entrepreneur | Wendy shares her experiences working with an inspiring person, leader and entrepreneur. Join her on Oct. 11.

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