About Wendy Appel

My goal is to contribute to your success as a leader, to increase your team’s effectiveness and to help you build toward a highly engaged workforce. I work at the intersection of individual and organizational change.

Let me ask you:

  • Are you trying to adjust to the onslaught and speed of change as you lead your organization?
  • Would you like new insights and tools to lead change more effectively?
  • Could you use a fresh approach to develop your team?

I’ve created tools to meet just these needs and that will help you transform your organisation and make a difference that matters.

As a coach and consultant, I show you and your team how to raise your game.

I work with leaders and teams around the world and I look forward to working with you to help you become the leader — the person — you are meant to be.

Wendy’s Professional Bio

She’s lived in three countries, holds a master’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology, and she’s masterful at meeting cross-cultural challenges, evidenced by her international work. She is uniquely qualified to work with transformation and change at a global scale and offers a depth and breadth of experience that forwards understanding of cross-cultural change.

Wendy is particularly astute at working with the dynamics of individual and team behavior. She is a gifted participating-observer—one who travels with you on your journey while providing valuable insight—someone who understands leadership from both the inside (the individual experience) and the outside (how one is seen in the world). She is also known for her ability to quickly build trust with individuals and teams, thus accelerating their development.

Descriptive titles for her work include coach for leaders and teams, consultant, thought partner, facilitator and author. When you work with Wendy, you get the wisdom born of her years of experience as a leader in business operations (product development), as an internal consultant and external advisor.

Among her many accomplishments, Wendy has written a five-star rated book for leaders and teams. InsideOut Enneagram: The Game-Changing Guide for Leaders, takes complex theories of personality and behavior and puts them into action in ways that open and accelerate access to effective leadership and team interactionsInsideOut is practical, reliable, and immediately applicable. This is a book you’ll keep within arm’s reach.

Wendy has worked in many sectors to include high tech and publishing, and she has deep experience in healthcare: integrated healthcare delivery, health insurance, medical devices, pharma and biotech.

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The Story of My Book

Although I grew up in the Midwestern US and spent most of my adult life in California, you can now find me in on a Mediterranean

Tramuntanas at Sunset

island in a tranquil village, surrounded by citrus groves and  the majestic Tramuntana Mountain range.

In the quiet of my new home, I began to reflect on my life, my three-decade long career, twenty years of study and work with the Enneagram, and the current world situation.

It is in this setting that I found a source of alchemy to transform my professional experience and intellectual insights into a framework for leadership and team development.

What started out as a pamphlet to accompany my Enneagram Typing Cards, evolved into what has become InsideOut Enneagram: The Game-Changing Guide for Leaders.

On my daily hikes, while tracing the steps of the old Arabic trading routes, insights rained down on me in abundance. My fingers itched to reconnect with the keyboard to capture and expound on these ideas. After the better part of two years, my pamphlet grew into a 440 page book. I became an accidental author, fueled by my calling and by my passion.

Feedback from a book doula: “Wendy, you know you have three or four books here?” A CEO commented, “it’s like a workshop in a book.” InsideOut is rich resource with an integrated approach to developing your leadership mastery. You’ll find relevant case studies, tools, and practices, woven into a tapestry of ideas that will provide insights into what makes you and other’s tick and how to shift your patterns.

I share what I have learned on my journey to guide you on yours.



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